Hello. This is me writing. It is a friendly little reminder to whoever reading this. I want you to know that with the current pandemic situation we are facing, it is okay not to feel good. You may be forced to work from home – which you are still adjusting to things – perhaps you have to quit your job. You may be doing online classes that aren’t so effective. You may be receiving online sessions for your piano lesson, or with your therapist. Right now, the world seems to be such a gloomy place.

In any way, we have our own struggle with staying at home. It might be a toxic relationship with family or spouse, your own struggle to staying productive, or perhaps a struggle with your well-being in order to stay sane. This is a reminder to hold on. Whatever you think you’re doing to yourself that isn’t healthy, stop it.

Please know when to take a break from the world, get some quiet time alone with yourself, create a healthy distraction. This helps me a lot getting through it. It has been exactly 40 days since I went out of the house. It’s overwhelming for me since I was always out there, hustling and travelling someplace else. Keep in mind that you’re staying at home to protect yourself and others. To stop the virus spread and you’re doing the people a favour. Thank you so much for staying alive. You matter to the people you love.

The future awaits us and I am sure you are excited to meet them too. What could possibly future bring? Honestly, I can not give you the answer, but let’s find out together. Perhaps tomorrow is a brighter day, for all of us. Thank you to the front-liners for all your hard work. Cheers to being alive!

With love,
Putri Ardhia

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