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The work I do revolves around tech, creative, and analysis.
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Self-Love Warrior

Started as a content writer, I had the chance to explore mental health and self-love through various mediums. Film, music, letter, etc.
As I grow, the platform grows too. As result, my writing alone reaches 100,000 people. However, there is still work to be done. The societal stigma around mental health constantly needs to be addressed.

What I do
– Lead a team of 5 writers, create content that impacts 500,000+ lives in <1 year
– Increase content engagement on social media by 34% within the first 2 months
– Create and manage collaboration content with 10+ organisations and communities

Mental Illness IS NOT an Adjective by Self-Love Warrior, written by Putri Ardhia
Mental illness IS NOT an adjective
Dangerous yet commonly misused terms in our daily life
Prevention by Self Love Warrior, written by Putri Ardhia
Be there for anyone in need
How might we help those with suicidal tendencies?
Good Criticisim from Start-Up by Self-Love Warrior, written by Putri Ardhia
Breaking down Start-Up series
How might we give criticism that reinforces self-learning?
Pandemic Letter by Self-Love Warrior, written by Putri Ardhia
Hard questions and thoughts over pandemic
The past 2 years have been tough, but you too, are strong.

Collective Mind

Empowering not only individual growth and action but also #CollectiveDevelopment. Since we started, we have shared perspectives about making marks and being useful, aiming towards a more sustainable planet. The earth is our #CollectiveEarth, hence, we hope to create a liveable planet. For us, and for our future us.

What I do
– Lead a team of 7 writers and social media specialists
– Offset 182.27kg of carbon from #NyepiUntukIklim campaign throughout Indonesia
– Organize programs on environmental issues that reach 100+ people
– Collaborate with 4 organisations that reach 4,200 social media impressions

Staying Consistentr by Collective Mind, written by Putri Ardhia
Controlling your life with consistency
How might we develop the ‘right’ system that unlocks our potential and maximises our growth curve?
#NyepiUntukIklim by Collective Mind, written by Putri Ardhia
Sparking collective change through campaigns
How might we encourage youths to offset their carbon footprint, thus promoting a sustainable lifestyle?

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